Divorce with children. How to reduce the stress.

Divorce with children. How to reduce the stress.

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Divorce with children. How to reduce the stress.

Most people seek an online divorce because of its ease of use, convenience and low-cost. But is it possible to use online divorce with children?

Many people believe that if children are involved they are unable to use an online divorce service. This is not true. An online divorce service can be used by anyone, even if children are involved.

Why do some websites say that you can’t use an online divorce with children?

These websites are not up to date. Previously, a couple with children had to submit a Statement of Arrangements for Children (form D8a) along with the Divorce Petition. The D8a showed the court that appropriate arrangements were in place for any minor children that would have been affected by the divorce.

A judge could review the D8a and refuse to grant the divorce if felt that suitable arrangements were not in place. However, in practice, the courts recognising that childcare arrangements could take a multitude of different form rarely intervened.

So on 22nd April 2014, the D8a was removed from the divorce process, freeing up vital time for both the court’s staff and the judiciary.

Planning a divorce with children.

Divorcing with children is hard on both parents and children. Often parents stay together in a loveless marriage thinking that this is the best for their children. But children see more than we think and can sense if one or both parents are miserable in a relationship, which is not healthy for anyone.

In nearly all cases, and certainly, when children are involved, it is better to prepare your separation in advance, rather than letting it play out in the heat of the moment. A blazing row before leaving the house can be very traumatic, especially for children. Separation is always stressful, but you can reduce this stress with a plan.

Once you have decided to separate, you need to agree on significant decisions about living arrangements, access to children and financial arrangements.

Children want to know where the parent who is moving out is going to live. This home needs to be as appropriate for children as the finances allow, and it needs to be ready for their visit.

Some financial details will need immediate attention. Joint bank accounts should be closed, and responsibility for bills agreed. Temporary decisions should be made around support payments and shared assets, such as who gets the car and essential items of furniture.

Separation is a stressful time. Several matters will need immediate attention, while many others will not. Take your time. Postpone and delay as much as possible. Even if you think you are feeling okay, there is a chance that you are not 100%. You might look back on some of the hasty decisions you made during this time and wish you had handled them differently.

Reducing the stress of divorce with children

Your divorce is only a part of a very challenging time in your life. We know, we’ve been there. Our mission is to reduce the financial and emotional impact that divorce has on families, by helping couples spend less on their legal fees and reducing conflict between them.

We do this by encouraging and facilitating an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorce essentially means that both parties can reach an agreement about the reasons for their divorce. At Easy Online Divorce, we believe it is possible to reduce stress and the money spent on solicitors if you have the right information.

But the legal system can be very intimidating and confusing, and many solicitors want to keep it that way because they charge by the hour. Easy Online Divorce is different.

We want you to divorce quickly and as painlessly as possible so that you can get on with your life.

We offer three transparent services for every budget that will save you between £800 and £1600 in legal costs compared to a high street solicitor.

Minimising the effect of divorce on children

When children are involved, it sometimes requires couples to communicate and cooperate better than when they were together. Which is not easy; after all, you are getting divorced for a reason. Children need to know both parents love them and that they are safe to talk about their feelings without fear of anger from their parents. 

It can get complicated when a child asks questions about why the divorce happened.

The best answer depends on the child’s age and your situation, but most experts recommend that parents refrain from giving the full details of any divorce. 

Often parents try to get information about the ex-spouse from the child.  While this seems relatively harmless, it pressurises children to take sides which takes away their right to be able to love both parents and not feel conflicted.

Emotional benefits of an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce is easier for children and parents. By reducing conflict, and lessening the children’s awareness of disputes shields them from potentially harmful emotional stress

Some contested divorces require children to be dragged into court and cross-examined. And hostility between parents increases when the court is involved, which deeply affects children whether they attend court or not.

Financial benefits of an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce is better for children because it is always less expensive.  Court fees, solicitor fees, time away from work, travel costs, childcare – all adds up to a lot of money. Money we believe that you and your child could put to better use.

What do I do next to start my divorce?

Easy Online Divorce takes the confusion out of the divorce process.  If you have children and are seeking an uncontested divorce, see if you qualify for our easy and inexpensive process.

Getting a divorce online requires two easy steps: Finding out if you qualify, and choosing the right package for you.

Find out if you qualify to divorce online.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you can use our fast and easy online service.

  • Do you live in England or Wales?
  • Have you been married for more than 12 months?
  • Do you and your spouse agree to divorce?

Select the right package for you.

To find the right divorce package for you, choose from one of these services:

Fully Managed Divorce Service

We understand that any divorce is stressful and painful, which is why we created this service. Our Fully Managed Divorce Services take the stress out of your divorce process as we deal with everything on your behalf.

You receive all of the benefits that you would typically get from a high street solicitor without the cost.

We handle everything, including the drafting and filing of all divorce documents with the courts, and communication between the court, your spouse or any opposing solicitors. There isn’t an easier way to get a divorce. Everything is handled for you, leaving you to carry on with your life while we deal with your divorce.

DIY Divorce Services

Our DIY Divorce Services are perfect if spending the minimum amount of money is your primary concern. We will explain the divorce process in simple, straightforward terms and include step-by-step instructions on how to draft your petition, along with examples of how to complete them.

Our Completed and Verified Service is the easiest and most straightforward way to do your own divorce. It removes the stress of filling in court forms and the worry of making mistakes.

This service deals with every ground for divorce, and we can help you choose the right one to make your divorce as quick and easy as possible.

It is the perfect solution if you want to file a straightforward divorce and make sure your divorce papers are correct and error-free.

Our DIY Divorce Services are for people who want to file the divorce themselves but have expert help. It is not suitable for everyone. If you’d like us to take more of the stress away, consider our Fully Managed Services.

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