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Good News: No Increase in Divorce Court Fees!

A win for fairness and common sense: Government listens and acts to keep divorce affordable

Big relief if you are contemplating divorce: the government has decided not to raise court fees for divorce proceedings. This decision comes after public outcry that increasing divorce court fees would keep those who are particularly vulnerable financially in loveless and sometimes abusive marriages.

Unexpected government U-turn over divorce court fee

Recent talks and feedback sessions revealed strong opinions about the potential rise in divorce fees. Many people worried that higher costs could unfairly impact those already facing tough times, especially women and lower-income families. In an unexpected U-turn, the government chose to keep the fee at its current rate of £593, recognising the importance of accessible legal support for everyone.

James Brien of Easy Online Divorce shares his relief and support for this decision, noting, “It’s common sense to keep divorce affordable. Increasing the fees could have locked people into unhappy, sometimes harmful relationships just because they couldn’t afford the legal costs. This is the right decision, ensuring that money won’t force people to stay in bad marriages.”

What the divorce court fee freeze means to you

This is good news for anyone considering a divorce. It means that the financial aspect of legal separation won’t get more expensive, and the ability to divorce remains open to all, irrespective of your financial situation.

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