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Easy Online Divorce Nominated for Prestigious Award: Featured in the Newquay Voice

In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, where innovation and dedication can change the landscape of industries, it’s truly an honour to find ourselves highlighted for our efforts. We are both proud and humbled to announce that our very own founder, James Brien, has been nominated for the prestigious National Entrepreneurship Awards 2023. This recognition stands testament to our commitment towards revolutionising the conventional legal space with our groundbreaking venture, Easy Online Divorce.

Historically, divorce proceedings have been a daunting and expensive endeavour for many British families. Traditional solicitor-led divorce processes often took a toll both emotionally and financially on the involved parties. Enter Easy Online Divorce—a beacon of change and relief. In a short span of just under three years, we have managed to save British families an astonishing £2.5 million in legal fees. This remarkable achievement, combined with our stellar 4.9 Trust Pilot rating from 287 reviews, underscores our dedication and the positive impact we’ve made, marking us as the UK’s top-rated divorce service.

James Brien: From Personal Experience to Industry Leader

James’s journey with Easy Online Divorce was deeply personal. Stemming from his own challenges while navigating through a divorce, he envisioned a platform that would offer an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional methods. In James’s own words, “While solicitors play a crucial role, we’ve integrated them seamlessly to handle intricate legal matters. Meanwhile, our dedicated customer care professionals manage client interactions, ensuring a blend of superior legal guidance and warm customer service, all at a cost that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.”

Not only has James steered Easy Online Divorce to success, but he has also established himself as a leading voice on the subject. With close to three thousand books sold on divorce, and his insights featured on esteemed platforms such as the BBC, Sky News, Sun, Mirror, Independent, and This is Money, he’s undeniably the UK’s foremost authority on the matter.

Beyond business success, our core lies in community development. With our team of four dedicated full-time employees and plans to expand, we consistently aim to boost Cornwall’s employment opportunities.

As we look forward to the star-studded award night on October 2nd at the ICC in Birmingham, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, and our team for their unwavering trust and support. Regardless of the outcome, we are delighted to be nominated for this prestigious award!🏆

Click here to read the full article in the Newquay Voice.

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