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Financial Orders

Public sector suspends calculation of cash equivalent transfer value of pensions

Thousands of public sector workers are being denied information about the value of their pensions because the government has changed...

Are Debts Shared In Divorce?

Are debts shared in divorce? Great question. We held our first-ever webinar a couple of weeks ago to answer questions...

Protect your future wealth – the real benefit of a consent order after divorce

Do you need a solicitor to sort out your finances and prepare a consent order when you divorce? And if...

Secure Your Future: Don’t Risk Financial Loss by ‘Cheap’ Divorce Settlements

In the quest for a quick and cheap divorce, many couples in England and Wales are inadvertently risking their financial...

Navigating Financial Uncertainty in Divorce: Expert Insights and Solutions

Introduction: Understanding the Current Divorce Landscape As the calendar turns, many individuals reassess their personal lives, leading to a notable...

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