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Clean Break Order

If you have no assets to share
£ 399
  • Legally protect yourself from future financial claims
  • No complicated forms to complete, saving you time and stress
  • Drafted and submitted to the court by an experienced and qualified solicitor who will process it through the court for you
  • Save £££'s on the cost of compared to a high street solicitor

Financial Consent Order

If you have assets to split
£ 499
  • Make your financial agreement legally binding and protect yourself against future financial claims
  • No complicated forms to complete
  • Drafted and filed by an experienced and qualified solicitor who will process it through the court for you
  • Save £££'s compared to traditional solicitors

Pension Sharing Order

If you have pensions to split
£ 599
  • All of the benefits of our financial consent order plus pension sharing order
  • A pension sharing order is the only way to instruct a pension company to divide or transfer a pension
  • Save a significant ££££ sum compared to the same service provided by a high street solicitor
  • Fast and effective service

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Although its not recommended, it’s entirely possible to get divorced without agreeing any of the financial arrangements. Without such an arrangement in place, your or your spouse could make a claim against the other, many years after your divorce is finalised. Meaning that your spouse could make a claim against a future lottery win, or the hard work of growing a successful business.

To remove all financial ties and risks of future claims, you need to apply to the court for a financial divorce order. A financial divorce order is a legally binding agreement on how you and your partner will divide your assets and wealth when your marriage ends that prevents any future claims.

Consent orders are for couples who have assets to divide and who want to make their financial divorce settlement legally binding. Once you have agreed your financial settlement, either informally or with the help of mediators or divorce lawyers, a consent order is drafted and sent to the court for approval. If the judge considers it to be fair, the consent order will be approved. From this point neither spouse can make a financial claim against the other.

Clean break orders are for couples who don’t have any assets to divide, but who still want to cut any financial ties following divorce.

Many couples think that because they don’t currently have any assets, there is no point in getting a financial order. But this is a risky approach because there is always the possibility that you will acquire money in the future. And if you do, your ex is within their legal rights to make a financial claim. As with a consent order, a clean break order must be drafted and then sent to a court to be approved by a judge.

You do not need both a consent order and a clean break order. Only one will be suitable for you, depending upon the assets you currently own.

If you don’t have any assets to divide, you will use a clean break order, and if you do have assets, you will use a consent order.

You can either get help from an online divorce service such as Easy Online Divorce who charge from £299 to £699, or from a high street solicitor that will cost in the region of £750-£2,500. The court decides and approves the final settlement, so the decision on which service to use will come down to the complexity of your situation, and how amicable you can keep the negotiations with your spouse.

In addition to these fees, the court charges £53 for their administrative costs.

It’s a common misconception that when Adultery (or certain unreasonable behaviours) has taken place that they are entitled to more or less within the financial divorce agreement. Whatever may be the reasons for divorce, this is not correct, except in rare circumstances, such as murder or gambling addiction. The grounds for the divorce and who was to blame for its breakdown and the division of assets are treated as separate issues.

The agreement you reach on your finances should look at other facts, such as future earning potential and fairness. The starting point is a 50-50 split, but in reality, an unequal division may be needed to ensure both spouses can continue with their lives in relative financial security.

You can only apply for a consent order once you have started the Divorce Process UK and got to the decree nisi stage. In some cases, it can take 6 months for the court to seal an order so start negotiating with your spouse as early as possible and submit your financial order to the court as soon as your decree nisi is pronounced.

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