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Who Is The Best Online Divorce Service in the UK? (Reviews/Ratings)

Here at Easy Online Divorce, we talk with thousands of people thinking about starting divorce proceedings. And because we freely share our thoughts and feelings on all things divorce, they often ask us who some of the other online divorce services and competitors are.

We’re never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest and we want our customers to be as informed as possible.

So here goes – our professional and personal review of the other online divorce services.

How we have rated the best online divorce service

To make the comparison as fair as possible we have reviewed and scored each company on the following criteria:

Price/Value for Money

We have looked at the cost of a divorce and clean break order for each company. Five for the lowest price (although the lowest price does not automatically mean the best because it needs to be viewed alongside transparency and helpfulness) and 1 for the highest price.

Customer Rating

Here we have taken the company’s trust score from Trustpilot. Trust Pilot is a third-party rating system, and although no rating system is entirely free from abuse, Trustpilot has powerful fraud detection to provide the most accurate rating. The trust scores were taken the day this article was written (9th August), but links are provided so you can read their latest reviews yourself.


This is where we examine how easy it is to find out how much you’ll pay (including court fees) and what is included with the service. Other considerations, such as how long a divorce will take, are also included. A score of 5 is awarded for the most transparent/accurate and 1 for the lowest.


Most people have never been through a divorce before, so speaking to the person dealing with your divorce provides a huge amount of comfort that you and your case are being looked after properly. Those who were most helpful and accessible scored 5, and the lowest 1.

In each case, we spoke (or tried to talk) to each company. The information we gave each company was that both parties were in agreement about the divorce, we were amicable, and we had already sorted out our finances, but we’d like a clean break order to protect ourselves for future claims.

All divorces incur a court fee of £593 (unless you are on a low income or benefits) that is paid directly to the court and which is in addition to the prices quoted by each company. A clean break order incurs a £53 fee.

A review and rating of the best online divorce service in England and Wales

Quickie Divorce Overall Rating 62%

Quickie Divorce Cost Rating (3)

Quickie Divorce offers two services on their website a premium divorce for £199 and a premium plus divorce for £299. The problem is that both are DIY options where Quickie Divorce completes the paperwork, and you must deal with the courts (the tricky bit).

Their fully managed divorce service that deals with the courts is £499. This not shown on the website and is offered on the phone only. To add a clean break order the total fully managed cost would be £699.

Quickie Divorce Customer Rating (4.3)

Quickie Divorce’s Trust Pilot rating is 4.3. You can read Quickie Divorce’s reviews here.

Quickie Divorce Transparency and Accuracy (1)

As well as the fully managed service not being shown on the website, the lady on the phone said that this service was the quickest divorce service at six months, which isn’t accurate. The mandatory waiting periods in the divorce process of 20 weeks and six weeks mean that the fastest a divorce can be completed is 7-8 months.

Quickie Divorce Helpfulness and Accessibility (4)

The phone call was picked up straight away, and the lady was very helpful, but she lost a point for being inaccurate about the time the divorce would take.

Divorce Now Overall Rating 80%

Divorce Now Cost Rating (3)

Divorce Now describes itself as the UK’s cheapest, quickest and easiest online divorce service with a ‘start your divorce for less than £20’. These cheap products are self-help guides, however. The cost of a fully managed divorce with a clean break order is £629.

Divorce Now Customer Rating (4.9)

Divorce Now’s Trust Pilot rating is a fantastic 4.9 across 117 reviews, all singing the praises of Donna. You can read Divorce Now’s reviews here.

Divorce Now Transparency and Accuracy (3)

The website is pretty confusing with many services, including the £19.99 service but phone Divorce Now up, and Donna will happily explain how the services differ and how the process works.

Divorce Now Helpfulness and Accessibility (5)

Donna picked up the phone straight away and was very friendly. Like myself, she’s a northerner from County Durham, so I immediately warmed to her and her relaxed manner. 

Express Divorce Overall Rating 51%

Express Divorce Cost Rating (5)

Express Divorce describes itself as the online divorce specialist. They offer a managed divorce and clean break order for a ridiculously cheap cost of £269.

Express Divorce Customer Rating (3.2)

Express Divorce’s Trust Pilot rating is 3.2 from 1 unhappy customer. You can read Express Divorce’s review here.

Express Divorce Transparency and Accuracy (1)

There needs to be more information on the website to provide guidance or reassure of who will be dealing with your divorce.

Express Divorce Helpfulness and Accessibility (1)

Express Divorce only allows online chat. Our short chat revealed that they are remote workers.

Divorce Online Overall Rating 93%

Divorce Online Cost Rating (5)

Divorce Online has been around for years, offering couples a quick, stress-free online divorce service. They have clear pricing, and a fully managed divorce with clean break order costs £499.

Divorce Online Customer Rating (4.6)

Divorce Online’s Trust Pilot rating is 4.6. You can read all of Divorce Online’s reviews here.

Divorce Online Transparency and Accuracy (5)

A lot of helpful information on the website, and they were very clear on the process and timelines on the phone.

Divorce Online Helpfulness and Accessibility (4)

The phone was answered straight away, and the lady on the phone took time to explain the process. 

My Online Divorce Overall Rating 58%

My Online Divorce Cost Rating (5)

This looks like a new company set up during the lockdown. They offer a fully managed divorce with clean break order for £499.

My Online Divorce Customer Rating (4.6)

My Online Divorce’s Trust Pilot rating is 4.6 from 23 reviews. You can read all of My Online Divorce’s reviews here.

My Online Divorce Transparency and Accuracy (1)

Little information on the website. Social links go to a Wix page on Facebook.  

My Online Divorce Helpfulness and Accessibility (1)

The phone number didn’t work, and the chat was unresponsive and not particularly helpful. 

Coop legal services is a massive company that offers a wide range of consumer legal services. Their fully managed divorce service is a fixed fee of £600. However, their clean break service is hourly. For a clean break, they take an initial payment of £500; when that is used up, you’ll pay extra. They estimate the cost of a clean break order is a minimum of £800 – £1000 + VAT, so the total for a fully managed divorce and clean break order would be around £1600, which is a lot considering the simplicity of a clean break order.

Coop legal service’s overall Trust Pilot rating is 4.8 from over 4000 reviews. You can read all of Coop Legal Service reviews here.

Lots of helpful information on the website and clear pricing for the divorce, but their pricing of the clean break order overstates its complexity.

They quickly answered the phone and were very helpful in explaining the process and the prices. 

Amicable Overall Rating 54%

Amicable Cost Rating (1)

Amicable’s vision is to transform how people end relationships in a kinder and better way. An online calculator on their website estimated the cost of a fully managed divorce and consent order is £1200.

Amicable Customer Rating (4.8)

Amicable’s Trust Pilot rating is an impressive 4.8 from over 600 reviews. You can read all of Amicable’s reviews here.

Amicable Transparency and Accuracy (4)

Helpful information on the website and online calculators to get quotes for packages. Amicable’s niche is on helping couples negotiate financial settlements and childcare arrangements. Speaking to someone to get a more accurate quote would be more helpful.

Amicable Helpfulness and Accessibility (1)

When I called, I was put on hold, and then directed to voice mail, and I couldn’t start the online chat without leaving my email.

So there you have it, seven other companies offering online divorce services in the UK. 

You may also like to take a look at some of these other great resources: 

Also, here are some resources to help you with financial divorce settlements: 

Finally, we’d like you to know that we offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and the options open to you.

Let’s schedule a time to talk!

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