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Will the courts return my marriage certificate after divorce?

It is often necessary for the applicant to send the courts the original or a certified copy of their marriage certificate to begin the divorce process. This leads many clients to ask if they will get their marriage certificate back after their divorce is complete.

The courts do not return marriage certificates following the divorce. This is because both the applicant and respondent receive a final order (previously known as the decree absolute) confirming that their marriage has legally ended. The final order serves as proof that you have been granted a divorce and that you were once married.

If you want a copy of your marriage certificate for any reason, you can contact the relevant register office. They will send you a certified copy of the certificate for a small fee. Alternatively, and perhaps easier is to get a replacement from the General Register Office (GRO). A Certified Copy Marriage Certificate costs £14, and there is the next day option for £35.

If you got married in Scotland, you can contact the National Records of Scotland (NROS) where a copy of your certificates will cost £12. 

In Northern Ireland, you can contact the General Registry of Northern Ireland (GRONI) who charge £15 for a copy of your certificates.

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