Application for Personal Service


If your spouse fails to acknowledge the divorce petition, we can ask the court’s permission to deliver the divorce petition using a process server.

If your spouse has ignored the divorce petition, we can ask the court for permission to deliver the petition using a process server. Once served, your spouse will have seven days to return the acknowledgement of service form.

Once the timeframe has passed, it is possible to apply to the court for a decree nisi as the certificate of service proves that your spouse received the documents.

Key Features

  • We apply to the court for permission to use personal service.
  • We instruct a process server to serve the respondent with the divorce petition.
  • The process server will make three attempts at service.
  • Following successful service, an affidavit or witness statement is produced to provide proof of service to the court.

What is not included with this service

  • Any court fees.
  • Filing an application for deemed service if your spouse continues to ignore the divorce petition following personal service.

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