Fast Track Clean Break Order


Our fast track one week priority service service is for couple’s who have already got their decree nisi or conditional order and urgently need a clean break order drafted for court approval.


A clean break order is for people who either have no assets to divide or who have already dealt with their finances but now want a legally binding order to ensure that neither party can claim against the other in the future.

If you have children under 18, you cannot have a clean break as you will have ongoing financial responsibilities.

Key Features

  • Fast track service – your documents will be ready to sign within one week of receiving your fully completed questionnaire.
  • An experienced and qualified solicitor drafts your clean break consent order
  • We complete the new 23 page D81 Statement of Information form
  • Our solicitors file the clean break consent order for you and process it through the court dealing with any objections or refusals should they arise
  • There is no court appearance necessary – we deal with any enquires the court may have
  • We keep you fully updated throughout the process
  • No hidden hourly costs, just one fix fee of £394
  • Very fast service, your clean break order will be ready to file with the court within one week of receiving your application.

What is included with this service

  • Clean break agreement – protecting you both from future financial claims from the other
  • This is a fully managed service, our solicitors file the clean break consent order with the courts for you to secure quick approval

What is not included with this service

  • Any sale or transfer of assets and liabilities or child maintenance payments – you will need our full consent order for this
  • Help to negotiate your financial agreement
  • Completion of a consent order where property or other assets are being split
  • Amendments to the order by either party in the event of the case becoming disputed

The court fee for filing a financial order is currently £53.00. You may be exempt from paying court fees if you are on a low-income or receive certain benefits.

Once we receive your order, you will receive a simple questionnaire to complete. We will use this information to draft your clean break before sending it to you to sign. The agreed and signed clean break order form will be submitted to the court for you, and we will update you on its progress throughout.

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