Missing Spouse Divorce Service


Don’t know where your spouse is? This service is for you. To get a divorce in England and Wales, you must provide an address for your spouse. Our highly trained specialists will track and find your spouse often within just 24 hours. We have a 98% success rate backed by a no trace fee guarantee.

Once we’ve found your spouse, we will fully manage your divorce on an uncontested basis.

Once we have traced your spouse, we will start the divorce proceedings. We draft and file all divorce documents with the court and manage communication between the court, your spouse or any opposing solicitors.

There isn’t an easier way to get a divorce. We handle everything, including the preparation of all divorce documents and communication with the courts.

Key features

  • We locate your missing spouse.
  • Your divorce is fully managed for you.
  • No complicated forms to complete or file, saving you time and stress.
  • Divorce in less than half the time of the High Street Solicitors average of nine months.
  • Save more than £1500 on a similar service provided by a high street solicitor.
  • Full support throughout via email and telephone.

How it works

  • Complete our secure online order form to start. The one-off payment of £349 covers both parties.
  • Provide some basic details about your missing spouse so that we can initiate the trace.
  • Once found, complete a simple online questionnaire so we can obtain the details we need to draft your divorce papers.
  • Send us your marriage certificate and pay the court fee if applicable.
  • Your divorce papers will be drafted and checked to ensure they are accurate.
  • We securely send your divorce petition to the court to start divorce proceedings.
  • Our team of divorce experts will pro-actively update you throughout the divorce process. They will provide straightforward and easy to understand updates by email or telephone.
  • We file all divorce documents at the correct times to process your divorce as quickly as possible to obtain your decree absolute.

What’s not included

Court Fees. All divorces in England and Wales are subject to court fees of £550 to pay for the court’s staff. If you have savings of less than £3000, and your monthly income before tax is less than £1200, you shouldn’t have to pay any court fees. And if your monthly income before tax is less than £2000, you can apply for a reduction. More information can be found here.

The use of a court bailiff to serve the divorce papers if your spouse ignores the divorce petition. In most cases, this isn’t needed, so we don’t automatically add the cost to our missing spouse divorce. But if you do need it, it carries an additional charge of £249.

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