Respondent Consent Order Advice Service


If you have received a financial remedy order on behalf of your spouse, you will be known as the ‘Respondent’ because it is your role to ‘respond’ to the papers.

Our Respondent Consent Order Advice Service provides advice for Respondents at an affordable cost compared to solicitors.

Our Respondent Consent Order Advice Service provides advice on financial matters and how to respond to an offer of settlement or consent order papers received for approval by the respondent from the petitioner’s solicitors.

What the respondent consent order advice service covers:

  • Advising you on the contents and meaning of the consent order papers as a respondent.
  • Correspondence with your spouse or their solicitors relating to the consent order proceedings.

What the service does not include:

  • Collecting financial disclosure information from third parties.
  • Detailed advice on your finances.
  • Negotiating your agreement, amendments to the consent order if your case becomes disputed, or advice relating to costs order or court hearings.

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