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Missing Spouse Divorce

If you don't know the location of your spouse
£ 349
  • Trace missing spouses to start divorce proceedings
  • 98% success rate with a no trace no fee guarantee
  • Includes filing and management of uncontested divorce

Personal Service Divorce

If you think your spouse will ignore the divorce papers
£ 449
  • We instruct a bailiff to serve the divorce papers on your spouse
  • Witness statement produced as proof of service to the court
  • Continue your divorce without your spouses involvement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

No. To start a divorce, the court must serve divorce papers on your spouse, and they need an address to do that.

You have two options if you want to divorce but don’t know where your spouse is. You can find your spouse or prove to the court that you have done everything in your power to locate them.

The starting point would be to check on social media and reach out to old friends and family members. But if that isn’t successful and you still want to divorce without knowing your spouse’s address, you must complete a form known as a D13B. And this is where it becomes difficult and expensive because there are many hoops to jump through.

Thankfully, we have a better process.

I’m glad you asked.

The easiest and fastest way to locate a missing spouse is to put a trace on them. A trace is where a specialist will follow a track to find a person. This can be credit references, purchases and so on. Historically this would require the cost of an expensive private investigator, but in our data-driven society, our highly trained specialists can comb through a myriad of data in record time and find your spouse often within just 24 hours.

Our success rate is 98%, and if we don’t find your spouse, you get a full refund, so there is no risk.

Do not use adultery or two years of separation with consent as your reasons for divorce if you suspect that your spouse might prevent the divorce. 

If your spouse denies adultery, you will have to prove that adultery took place, which is difficult and expensive (more details here).

When two years of separation is used, your spouse is asked if they consent (agree) to the divorce. If they respond with no, your application for divorce will be denied.

Unless you have been separated for five years, the best option is to use unreasonable behaviour if you suspect that your spouse might prevent the divorce (more details here). Unreasonable behaviour claims are very rarely defended in court because it costs the defendant money to defend them, and they are seldom successful – the court tends to take the view that the marriage has broken down if one of the spouses believes it so.

If your spouse doesn’t respond to the divorce papers, we can get a bailiff to serve the papers personally.

Once served, the bailiff will file a certificate of service to the court to confirm that they have achieved service. We can then apply for the divorce to proceed without your spouse’s involvement.

If your spouse doesn’t respond to the divorce papers, but you are sure that they have received them, we can ask the court to ‘deem service’. Deemed service is where we ask the court to accept that your spouse has received the divorce papers, even though they haven’t acknowledged them.

To convince the court to deem service, you have to provide evidence such as text messages or emails confirming that they have received the divorce petition. Although it is not necessary to also use personal service, it is advantageous as it satisfies the court that the respondent has received the petition. This is why Easy Online Divorce always recommends personal service rather than deemed service first.

After we have traced your missing spouse, we will draft the divorce papers and manage your divorce on an uncontested basis. If your spouse ignores the divorce papers, you will need to use a bailiff to serve the documents on them.

In most cases, this isn’t needed, so we don’t automatically add the cost to our missing spouse divorce. But if you do need it, it carries an additional charge of £249.

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