The Truth About 12 week Divorces – How Long Divorce Really Takes.

How long does a divorce really take?

The truth about 12 week divorces – how long divorce really takes. Every week we get phone calls from people asking for the 12-week divorce service. They are often surprised when we explain that a 12-week divorce service doesn’t exist. Consenting couples could divorce in three to four months under the old law. But the […]

What should I do when my ex is breaching our divorce financial consent order?

Ex breaching consent order

I received a very worried email on Monday from one of my clients (let’s call her Sarah to protect her privacy) asking for our advice. We had prepared her court-approved consent order, and she wanted to know her next steps if her ex-husband (let’s call him Paul) breached the consent order – breach is the […]

Finding Love Again: From Divorce to Saying “I Do” in Las Vegas

Elvis in front of Las Vegas Sign

Picture this: the bright lights of Las Vegas, the sound of Elvis Presley’s voice echoing through the Graceland chapel, and me, standing there with my new partner, ready to say “I do” for the second time. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I couldn’t resist sharing this incredible experience with you. […]

What is a financial order? Everything you need to know to protect your future.

What is a financial order?

If you’ve applied for a no-fault divorce already or read the worrying news about pensions and divorce, you might be asking – what is a financial order? The no-fault divorce process goes into much greater detail about dividing your money and property, which might seem confusing or a bit daunting if it’s the first time […]

How to keep your home after divorce if you can’t afford the mortgage

After more than a decade of low-interest rates, the average two-year fixed mortgage hit 6%, which has affected affordability and made mortgage approvals slump to their lowest level since the pandemic which is bad news for couples going through divorce. Although mortgage rates have fallen slightly in recent weeks and are expected to continue falling […]