How Much Does A Divorce Cost In The UK, And How Can I Keep The Cost Of Divorce Low?

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In The UK, And How Can I Keep The Cost Of Divorce Low?

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Divorce can not only be a difficult process to go through emotionally, but it can be financially costly as well. Indeed, the sky’s the limit with solicitor fees for a divorce, depending on how complex and contested it is. The good news is there are some simple strategies you can use to significantly reduce the cost of your divorce. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

How to Keep the Cost of Divorce Low

Below you will discover some of the most effective tactics to help keep the cost of your divorce as low as possible.  

Court Filing Fees & Exemptions 

The first fee that you will need to be concerned with when getting a divorce in the UK is the mandatory court filing charge. At the time of this publication, this fee is £593, and it is used to pay for the work the court and its staff complete on your behalf in the filing process. The fee also covers your application for your decree absolute which is the document that legally ends your marriage. 

While this fee is mandatory, it is sometimes possible to pay a reduced amount if you meet the qualifying criteria. In this case, persons collecting employment and support allowance, income-based jobseekers, and income support will qualify to pay a lower fee. A fact that is well worth knowing if the cost of your divorce is weighing heavily on your mind. 

Solicitors Costs 

The next fee you will have to consider when getting a divorce in the UK is the charges that a solicitor will charge you for handling your case. For a simple amicable divorce, this averages £850 per person and will be added to the £593 court filing fees, meaning a total of around £1,100 per person. Add in a financial agreement and your costs can easily double – which is no small amount! Hiring a solicitor is by far the most expensive portion of a divorce in the UK.

However, before you empty your savings to cover the cost of your divorce, it is vital that you carefully consider whether you truly need the services of an expensive solicitor for your case. The reason being that solicitors are ideal for couples that aren’t seeing eye to eye or are dealing with a long and drawn-out, complicated divorce situation. Yet, for those that agree on most things and want the divorce process to speedily, there is another, less expensive, option.

Save Money with Online Divorce Services 

This option is to use an online divorce service like the one we offer here at Easy Online Divorce in the UK. You could end up saving £1000s by choosing an online divorce instead of one managed by a solicitor, and that is not the only benefit they offer either! 

Indeed, for people looking for a quick divorce in the UK, our online options are also perfect. This is because they take far less time to process, and can cut the usual 53-week wait in half! We even offer a full refund, so if you change your mind within 14 days of your purchase you can get your money back! Starting at just £249, you’ll easily cut the cost of your divorce into a fraction of the price. 

For an effortless Quick Divorce in the UK, that is also cost-effective, get in contact with Easy Online Divorce, today. 

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