No-Fault Divorce – a Simplified Process Let Down by the Post

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No Fault Divorce

The new no-fault divorce process came into effect on April the 6th. The new law is a welcome reform to the previous system that required anyone who wanted a swift divorce to accuse their partner of adultery, desertion, or unreasonable behaviour.

Changes to UK Divorce Law

The new legislation was designed to streamline the divorce process: 

  • By removing the necessity to divorce through “blame“ and replacing this with a blanket “no-fault” divorce, Petitioners, (now simply called Applicants) can now divorce without their partner’s consent from the outset. To divorce, a simple statement citing an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage is all that is needed. Divorcing couples can apply either by a joint or separate application. This is regardless of the length of their separation and the Court can no longer refuse an application for divorce.
  • The no-fault divorce law process streamlines the paperwork, as all divorce applications go through an online Divorce Portal. The updated HMCTS digital portal is user-friendly and straightforward for simple divorces. These simplifications should make the application process much quicker, more accessible, and convenient.

No-Fault Divorce Process Issues

However, there is one glitch in the process that causes divorcing couples unnecessary stress, confusion and delays – the simple posting of the papers such as the petition and the acknowledgment of service.  Have a look at our recent article in for our thoughts on this.

If you want our help or advice, please get in touch, or book a free 15-minute consultation with us.  Alternatively, if you’d like to find out online if a no-fault divorce is right for you, we’ve devised a simple test for you to see that’s simple, fast and free.

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