“The Mindful Divorce” – Won Best Divorce Books of All Time

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“The Mindful Divorce” has won best divorce book recognition!

I’m thrilled that my book, “The Mindful Divorce: How To Heal And Be Happy After Separation”, made it to BookAuthority’s Best Divorce Books of All Time

I wrote the book to help people in the same situation I found myself in. To help everyone who is surviving divorce manage stress, come to terms with the situation, feel happier and more optimistic whilst planning for a better future.

Whichever way you look at it – separation hurts. However, the way you choose to handle yourself fter your break up is the key to your recovery. By taking care of yourself, developing your confidence and enhancing your self-worth, you will bounce back stronger and faster.

This is the way of the mindful divorce.

Thank you for all your support!

The book focuses on not just surviving divorce but thriving after your separation. If you want any help on obtaining your divorce, please just get in contact. Or alternatively download our free eBook “How to Divorce using the new No-Fault Divorce Law” designed to help you avoid the common mistakes that can delay divorce

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