What Advantages Does Online Divorce In The UK Have Over Using Solicitors?

Online divorce offers faster, more affordable and less stressful divorce services for people in the UK.

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Online divorce has changed the way couples get divorced in the UK. It’s a service intended for uncontested divorces, allowing both parties to reach a swift solution with minimal stress and costs. At Easy Online Divorce, we believe our service provides a series of advantages over the traditional method of getting a divorce via high street solicitors. Let’s talk about a few of those.

Save Thousands of Pounds

The average cost of divorce in the UK is currently around £14,500. This is inclusive of legal fees, court fees, and other lifestyle fees. From a legal fee standpoint, most solicitors charge anywhere between £175-£400 per hour for their work. This is an outrageously extortionate fee when you consider the work they will do for you. In just a few meetings with a solicitor, it is perfectly feasible to pay over a thousand pounds right out of the gate. 

With online divorce, you can save money on solicitor’s fees and reduce the cost of divorce. Easy Online Divorce offers set fees that start at as little as £249 for a managed divorce. This will provide you with everything required to file for divorce without leaving your home. All documents are checked and filed for you by a team of legal experts, providing you with the exact same outcome, but for a fraction of the price of a traditional divorce. 

Get Divorced Twice as Fast

A significant issue with using solicitors is that you have to work with their schedule as well as your own. You will not be their only client, meaning they have to fit meetings around their schedule before you can proceed with updates. It can mean waiting a week, at least, between meetings, leading to a divorce that’s slow to progress and process. 

By contrast, you can experience a quick divorce in the UK through Easy Online Divorce. On average, clients get divorced within 4 months when handling it online, through us. Comparatively, the average UK divorce takes 11 months to process and finalize. As a result, you can, quite possibly, be finished with your divorce twice as fast with an online divorce compared to using a solicitor. 

Enjoy More Convenience

Online divorce is by far and away the more convenient option for couples looking to go their separate ways. As well as achieving a quick divorce in the UK, you can also enjoy a more laid back process that demands very little from you. The Easy Online Divorce process can vary slightly depending on the service chosen, but all of them are 100% online and usually only require a client to fill in a few online forms. The process of submitting documents to the courts and dealing with the legal issues is all done for you. 

Thus, clients can sit back and get on with their lives without worrying about booking time off work for solicitor meetings, finding someone to look after the children, and so on. You can stay at home the whole time and get divorced – it is really that simple. And with the current pandemic, keeping your family safe and well, at home, is also a big bonus of online divorce services.

In summary, online divorce is faster, cheaper and less stressful than using solicitors. If you are interested in a quick divorce in the UK, view the services on our website to choose a package that suits your needs and budget. 

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