What Are Grounds For Divorce?

What are grounds for divorce?

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When It’s Time, It’s Time

After all is said and done, no one wants to arrive at this point. It’s not exactly the kind of milestone we “achieve” as adults that we were dreaming about in primary school, but when all the fighting is over and the reality has set in, you know when it’s time. But if you’ve been searching the internet for some advice and guidance and you found yourself here, you may still be wondering how you got here or what’s going to happen now? Divorce is not the exception anymore and this has given rise to legal firms that specialise in divorce law, often costing British families thousands of pounds that they don’t have and with an estimated 42% of couples in England and Wales divorcing, this amounts to a lot of money.

We’re going to help you untangle the jargon and provide you with some clear, solid and honest advice.

Why Are So Many Couples Divorcing?

It would be easy to suspect that couples divorce for reasons as simple as “they’re simply not in love anymore”, but while we all know that that concept in and of itself is anything but simple, there are a myriad of reasons why couples are divorcing in record numbers. We’re going to look at a few and perhaps help you unpack a few of your questions, too.

Falling Out Of Love

Even though we spoke of this as a “simple” reason earlier, it still tops the list of reasons cited for divorce in England and Wales.  This type of separation can often be reached fairly amicably if both parties are in agreement and with minimal courtroom drama. Don’t be fooled though, the emotional fall out can be devastating after the fact as unforeseen questions arise once the dust has settled.  Individuals can seem lonely, deserted and consider themselves as failures and precisely because the process was relatively easy, suffer from a form of post traumatic stress and feelings of guilt spurred on by the thought that they didn’t try hard enough. 

Financial Fallouts

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common causes for termination of marriages comes down to finances.  Whether your fault or not, whether caused by negligence or “deliberate” malpractice, financial stress is compounded when there is more than one party that is supposed to be deriving a sense of survival from sound financial practice.  This past year has brought on an increase in divorces with thanks to our friends at Covid HQ and a large number of those, due to the increased financial strain that successive lockdowns, loss of incomes and folding business have had.

But, it’s also due in part to financial mismanagement by either party, intentional or otherwise. Financial stress presents itself as a “breach of contract” type problem and couples will avail themselves of the “out” even if it’s not the primary reason for separation.


Alcohol, substance abuse, prescription drug abuse are all some of the top reasons couples end up in divorce court. If you’re at this juncture in your marriage and you’re the party that needs out because of your partner’s addiction issues, then you need to take this seriously and get the help that you need as well. 

But in a shocking and awful statistic, as many as 500,000 marriages are failing all over the world every year, due to addiction to pornography and it’s becoming a big problem in the United Kingdom too.  This type of addiction along with sex addiction as a whole is often combined with substance or alcohol abuse and can wreck havoc on marriages and individuals.

Lack Of Sex (Or Too Much)

Not every sex related issue presents as an addiction or as the result of abuse, although sometimes it does. But often, unmatched libidos are cited as cause for ending a marriage. To many people on the “outside” this could seem like a high quality problem, but if you’re caught in a relationship that is struggling to move in any direction because of a lack of intimacy, you’ll know that it’s no laughing matter and can leave partners feeling neglected, insecure and depressed.

Lack Of Communication

It is one of the most frustrating and difficult to navigate areas of any marriage at the best of times, but when the bad times don’t evolve into anything resembling the opposite of bad times, tempers fray, harsh words are spoken and the emotional impact of no or bad communication hits home. This can leave affected parties lonely and isolated within the confines of a union that is simply not working and this can feel quite terrifying.


There is no easy way to navigate this area and every couple that suffers from whatever form of abuse is present in their marriage has to arrive at this place in their own time and when they know there is no way out. Trauma, post-traumatic distress, physical injury and depression, anxiety and other forms of mental health problems can all linger on long after the marriage is dissolved and it’s for this reason that couples will need specialist and long-term after care. Be that as it may, it is a difficult landscape to navigate in divorce court with lawyers citing all sorts of reasons to shift blame or create scenarios that in and of themselves can be traumatic.

Everyone is going to arrive at this point on their own terms and for their own reasons and all of these reasons are as unique as what human beings are. That means that how you choose to steer your experience through what was never designed to be an easy one, will depend on you – and the help and support that you’re able to access.

Divorce costs and if you’re not in a financial position to make your way through it, it could have long-term and potentially financially devastating effects on the rest of your life. So for when you know that you know and you don’t mean to create a long and drawn out divorce in court, or you can apply for divorce online you should consider Easy Online Divorce as an alternative to traditional solicitors. Contact our office today for specialist advice.

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