What Is Online Divorce In The UK And Why Should You Use It?

What Is Online Divorce In The UK And Why Should You Use It?

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Family divorce law is incredibly complex and confusing, and the industry has done little in the past to rectify this. Typically, you are expected to visit a solicitor and pay upwards of £175 an hour for legal advice during one of the most stressful periods of your life. Even if the divorce is uncontested, it can still cost around £1,000 to £1,500 just to file it when utilising the services of a solicitor. 

Furthermore, divorces are known for taking a long time to complete. The process can begin, then continue for nearly a year before everything is resolved and both parties are relatively happy. This elongates the stress and means that the overall cost of your divorce will keep increasing with every month, every day, that goes by. 

Previously, there was only one way you could get a divorce, and that was through the traditional route. However, it is now easier than ever to get a quick divorce in the UK, thanks to online divorce. 

What Is Online Divorce?

As the name suggests, online divorce is one that takes place virtually, rather than needing to meet a solicitor in person. At Easy Online Divorce in the UK, the process is kept as simple as possible for you. There’s no need for you to do anything other than fill in a five-minute questionnaire about your divorce. Everything else is then taken care of for you, meaning the divorce papers are filed and everything is managed through the court. 

You are kept in the loop during the entire process, being made aware of how far along your divorce is, and receiving any updates as they come in. It provides a hands-off, more stress-free approach to divorce that allows you to bypass all the solicitor’s meetings and the extortionate fees that come with them. Everything is handled online, and you will receive your divorce confirmation when it is official. 

Who Is Online Divorce For?

Online divorce is specifically for couples that are seeking out an uncontested divorce. In this sense, an uncontested divorce stipulates that both parties agree on the decision to end the marriage. You are both on the same page and agree on the various terms and divorce-related issues. This means that there will be no reason for you to attend court proceedings as everything can be handled by the court on paper. 

In contrast, a contested divorce is where a couple disagrees on different elements of the divorce. This could relate to assets, childcare, and so on. Contested divorces are more complex and tend to take far more time than uncontested ones. This is because court proceedings are sometimes required, along with numerous solicitor meetings and the sending back and forth of terms until everyone finally agrees on each and every detail. 

Despite the fact that uncontested divorces take less time than contested ones, they can still be longer than expected when done the traditional way. As such, online divorce is the perfect solution to this, giving you a chance to file for an uncontested divorce in no time at all. 

What Are The Benefits Of Online Divorce?

There are many advantages of online divorce when compared to the traditional way of filing an uncontested divorce. At Easy Online Divorce, our UK clients enjoy the following benefits:

Divorce In As Little As Four Months

Did you know that the average divorce in England and Wales takes around 53 weeks? That’s a shockingly large amount of time, during which you will be stressed beyond belief. Life doesn’t stop when you are getting a divorce, meaning you have to carry on with all your daily tasks while dealing with this for nearly an entire year. 

By contrast, a divorce with Easy Online Divorce takes an average of four months to complete. Consequently, if you are looking for a quick divorce in the UK, online divorce can provide you with an outcome twice as fast as the traditional method of utilising an in-person solicitor. 

Convenient And Stress-Free

Additionally, online divorce is the most convenient way of getting divorced. Everything can be handled online, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home at all. There will be no need to come to an office for meetings or to go to your local court building to hand in documents. With the current pandemic, this makes the divorce process not only convenient, but safe for you and your family.

The entire process is handled online by the team at Easy Online Divorce, taking all of the stress and inconvenience out of the situation. As a result, you won’t need to take time off work to attend solicitors meetings or find someone to look after the kids. You can get on with your life and let your divorce get handled online. 

Save Thousands In Legal Fees

Arguably, the biggest advantage of online divorce is that you significantly cut the costs associated with the divorce and can save thousands of pounds in legal fees. Every divorce is subject to the standard court fees of £593 in England and Wales – unless you meet certain income requirements and don’t have to pay court fees. However, it’s the solicitor’s fees that usually make the legal cost of divorce far greater than it needs to be. 

With the online divorce from Easy Online Divorce, you get transparent prices that are always fixed. A fully-managed divorce will cost £249, compared to a solicitor that can charge between £175-£400 per hour. Not only will this save lots of money, but it will also allow you to figure out the total cost of your divorce in one go. Simply take the cost of the service and add the court fees, and you know exactly how much to expect. With traditional divorces, it can be a guessing game as it depends on how many solicitor meetings you require. 

Looking For A Fast Online Divorce? Choose Easy Online Divorce Today!

Easy Online Divorce has created a process that makes it easier than ever for couples to get an uncontested divorce in the UK. The customer-centric platform delivers multiple divorce options and packages to suit your needs and budget. Zero effort is required when filing your divorce; the majority of the process is handled for you by our professional online team. In just four months, the entire divorce process can be over and done with, letting you move on with your life without spending a fortune or dealing with months of stress. 

For more information on online divorces, view the services page on our website.

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