What Is The Best Way To End A Relationship?

What Is The Best Way To End A Relationship?

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If there’s one thing tougher than learning and developing a relationship well over time, it’s unravelling a relationship that hasn’t been successful. The former, while challenging, can be possible, but it isn’t possible unless both you and your partner are on the same page, share similar goals, and can trust one another.

It’s no great personal failing for a relationship to end, sometimes this happens for reasons outside of either party’s control. That said, how we cultivate the end of a relationship and smooth out its implications can define who we are as people.

No matter how fractious the end of a relationship gets, even if it ends in long and arduous UK divorce proceedings, it’s important to remember that we did share good memories and fondness with that person to some extent, and so going about this process in a professional and respectful manner is key. That said, there is some nuance involved here.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to carefully end a relationship in the UK, using relationship length and how healthy your situation is as markers for gauging what action you should take. Please, consider the following warm advice:

Consider Your Circumstances

Not all relationship breakups are the same. Some may be able to follow a reasonable conversation, which may get heated, but will ultimately settle. However, sometimes the threat of abuse, domestic violence or other unwarranted ‘consequences’ enacted by the other person may mean you need professional support and care, as well as vacating your home before you make your intentions known.

Consider your circumstances and what may be healthiest for you both. It might be that sitting your partner down at the weekend and having a conversation about why the relationship has gone wrong and your preference to dissolve it can give you both enough time to talk it through.

Think About The Necessary Implications Of A Relationship Ending

Not all relationships are alike. Ending a relationship of three months will be easier than a marriage of fifteen years, one that encompasses marriage and home ownership. UK divorce proceedings require the aid of services such as Easy Online Divorce so that you as an individual entity are given the strongest advice and legal information necessary to step forward with confidence.

Do you have a house? Who is on the mortgage? Might it be that you need to cancel wedding plans for this to take place? Perhaps you could tell your family before you approach your partner to make that process less difficult to cope with after you’ve taken care of the tough part? Depending on how long the relationship has gone on for and how connected you both are, this could be a worthwhile approach.

Make Backup Plans

It might be that the ending of a relationship means you need to move out from a property immediately, and that could mean spending some time with a relative or friend as you get back on to your feet.

It may mean that you will need to immediately file papers to end a relationship in the UK, as divorce requires formal proceedings and perhaps a clean break order to ensure a total cutting of the cord between you.

Prepare for this process, and give yourself time to emotionally digest the event. No matter how important this may be to you, ending a relationship is rarely easy. With the support from services such as Easy Online Divorce, you’ll be in the strongest situation going forward.

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