Turbulent times sees divorce making the headlines

Divorce hits the headlines

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Our team of online divorce experts are always pretty busy but especially this time of year.

You may or may not have heard of “Divorce Day”? It falls on the first working Monday of a new year and is one of most popular days for seeking legal advice, as couples unable to resolve their issues over the festive period separate. 

It fell on Monday 10th January this year and as experts in online divorce we were asked for our insight on the matter by various media outlets, including LondonLovesBusiness.com. 

You can read more on that HERE if you like but it is understandable why they picked up on it, as we revealed that males living in the East Midlands or the South-East are more likely to get divorced than those anywhere else in England and Wales.

It was part of a major study we commissioned and one we will be updating as new figures come in which we believe will be pretty stark.

We’re actually predicting that divorce rates in the UK could surge by more than 50% in 2022, challenging the peak in 1993 when the number of people ending their marriage was 165,000.

It all comes down to the new divorce law which comes into effect on 6th April, as no-fault divorce legislation will replace the current fault base system.

Under the current system a divorce application must be supported by one of five facts. These are adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, two years’ separation & five years’ separation. Couple’s divorcing under the new law will no longer need to rely on one of the five facts.

It seems that ease of divorce will be a key driver of this, with Gary Lineker recently praising the simpler online divorce process (see our blog on that HERE) during a wide ranging interview with The Times, which has since been picked up by many more outlets.

With so much interest in the subject right now, we’re always here for anyone who needs some expert advice on anything to do with divorce or online divorce. 

Right at the start of the year we were interviewed by ThisIsMoney as part of their “Ten Steps to Take Back Control” feature.

If you want us to help you take back control, something Mr Lineker never struggled with, your first touch should be to contact us by email or 0204 530 8101.

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