What Is A Clean Break Order And Do I Need One?

What Is A Clean Break Order And Do I Need One?

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When a relationship ends, it can be tough to plan your way forward. This is because it’s uncommon (but thankfully, not impossible) for relationships to end in a totally amicable manner, where all necessary closure has been experienced and the two parties have separated in peace.

This is because a relationship implies the connectivity between two lives and the eventual blending of them in more ways than one. When this relationship ends, untethering the cord of connectivity from one another can be an arduous, sometimes messy process.

Thankfully, services such as Easy Online Divorce seek to help their clients with careful advice and support to help them chart this process is the cleanest and most professional manner possible. This way, you can avoid this difficult situation from dragging on any longer than it may need to.

An important measure many UK divorce participants are increasingly encouraged to take is that of a clean break order. 

In this post, we aim to discuss this procedure, what it encompasses, what its benefits are, and if it may be appropriate to you.

What Is A Clean Break Order?

Easy divorce in the UK is not to be taken for granted. There are many ways in which two parties can connect with one another even after a marriage ends, such as the shared responsibility and financial commitment needed to continue to raise a child even out of wedlock.

A clean break order, however, is a type of financial court order which determines that your matrimonial finances are made entirely separate and disconnected from your ex-spouse. This means that neither of you are entitled to claim any money from the opposing party. It can be the last measure by which to unhook the connection between both parties.

Surely A ‘Clean Break’ Is How Divorce Is Defined Anyway? Why Is This ‘Order’ Needed?

Many people assume that when the UK divorce papers have been submitted, the legal status implies similar results as an annulment, that is, the marriage is declared as legally void, as if it hadn’t happened. While it’s true that legally, divorce allows you to marry another person, financially, the connections may not be severed as thoroughly as you could expect.

For instance, should one person become financially successful in the future, the current law in England and Wales could, oddly enough, suggest that the opposing party is entitled to some of this wealth. This even applies if the two partners hadn’t seen one another for years. Obviously, this seems quite baffling. For this reason, many divorce services encourage the process of a clean break order.

How Do I Gain A Clean Break Order?

A clean break order will be written up by a divorce solicitor to make sure that both parties are fairly treated and satiated by this agreement.

For easy clean break divorce in the UK, services such as Easy Online Divorce is your best bet.

If the documentation is deemed to be legally fair and binding, then a judge will approve it and the terms will apply. Easy Online Divorce charge a £199 fixed fee for this service plus a £53 court fee, saving you hundreds compared to a high street solicitor.

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