What Is The Best Way To Keep A Divorce Amicable And Not Mess Up My Kids?

What Is The Best Way To Keep A Divorce Amicable And Not Mess Up My Kids

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What Is The Best Way To Keep A Divorce Amicable And Not Mess Up My Kids?

Getting a divorce from your partner whether you have been together for one year or over 30 years is still an emotional and time consuming process. So when you have children involved as well you want to avoid things getting nasty or complicated between yourself and your partner as it can already be a stressful scenario for your children to deal with. 

Opting for a quick divorce in the UK using an online divorce company such as Easy Online Divorce is the best option to ensure that the process can be accomplished in a speedy and professional manner in order to save your children the extra turmoil of having to see their parents battle against each other in court. 

How To Make Things Less Stressful For Your Children 

If you can find a way to somehow work together for the sake of the children as opposed to wanting to fight each other for child custody, it can help make the process a little less stressful overall for your children. They will already be dealing with the concept that their parents are no longer going to be living together in the same house, wondering how they are going to adapt to their new living arrangements and what their new family life is going to look like in both places. If you can establish aspects you mutually agree on this will make the divorce process a lot quicker and less traumatic. 

These are examples of what you can try to mutually agree on. 

  • Try to agree on where your children will live after you have divorced. 
  • How you will divide your child care duties between each parent. 
  • Financial responsibility of looking after the children. How will this be shared? 
  • Maintaining your children’s current routine as much as possible so as not to disrupt their school life. 

How Divorce Can Affect Children

Children can be particularly affected by the prospect of their parents splitting up and no longer living in the same household. So it is important to be aware of the negative consequences to your children before you officially begin. Here are some things to watch for:

  1. Their behaviour may change– You might notice that the behaviour of your child has changed and they begin to act out. 
  2. Psychological impact– They could start to have bouts of depression and just generally feel low. 
  3. Difficulty concentrating at school– It could affect how they are able to cope academically with their studies if they are preoccupied about the divorce. 
  4. Being put in the middle– Feeling as though they must choose one parent over the other. 
  5. Losing a bond connection with one parent– They might grow distant from one parent if they are made to live with the other on a permanent basis. 
  6. Rebellious teenage years– They might be more likely to drink, take drugs and have sexual relationships earlier on in their teenage years. 
  7. Relationship struggles– It could have an impact on their relationships. 

The Best Ways To Deal With The Divorce Process For The Benefit of Your Children

If you can find ways to be amicable with your partner when organising the divorce this will be a lot better for your children, so that they do not feel as if they are caught up in the middle and have to pick a side. It will also save a lot of stress if you are able to opt for a quick divorce in the UK, so that the process does not last too long. 

  • Assuring them you both still love them– It is a good idea to reassure them that the love you have for them is in no way connected to how you feel about your partner and why you are divorcing. 
  • Not forcing them to pick a parent– It is not fair on them to make them feel as though they must choose a side. Any disputes you may have with your partner should not involve your children. So definitely try to avoid doing this. 
  • Allow them to open up about their feelings– Having discussions and allowing them to discuss their feelings will prevent them from bottling things up.
  • Give them space to deal with the news– You also want to enable them to process the news as they are unlikely to know that you were planning on getting a divorce. So give them space if they want to be alone, but reassure them you are available to talk when they want to. 
  • Inform them before you begin the divorce process– They may feel resentment or struggle to cope with the sudden change of family life if you tell them about the divorce during the process. 
  • Avoid going to court– If you can settle for a quick online divorce this will prevent you from going through a lengthy court battle where you end up going to court and battling for custody. 
  • Not spending excessive amounts on a solicitor– You might want to consider the cost of divorce if you opt for an expensive solicitor and a long court battle, as that money could go towards your children’s future instead. 

The process of divorce can be amicable between yourself and your partner if they are willing to get through it in a professional and calm manner. Ideally this is the best way to deal with divorce proceedings for the welfare of your children. Opting for a divorce with Easy Online Divorce is the best way to avoid a long and drawn out divorce that could result in months of stress and waiting. Get in contact today to see how you can begin the process. 

Call now on 0204 530 8101 or send an email to contact@easyonlinedivorce.co.uk for any enquiries you may have or to start your divorce proceedings today.

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