The Truth About 12 week Divorces – How Long Divorce Really Takes.

How long does a divorce really take?

The truth about 12 week divorces – how long divorce really takes. Every week we get phone calls from people asking for the 12-week divorce service. They are often surprised when we explain that a 12-week divorce service doesn’t exist. Consenting couples could divorce in three to four months under the old law. But the […]

What Advantages Does Online Divorce In The UK Have Over Using Solicitors?

Online divorce offers faster, more affordable and less stressful divorce services for people in the UK.

Online divorce has changed the way couples get divorced in the UK. It’s a service intended for uncontested divorces, allowing both parties to reach a swift solution with minimal stress and costs. At Easy Online Divorce, we believe our service provides a series of advantages over the traditional method of getting a divorce via high […]

What Is Online Divorce In The UK And Why Should You Use It?

What Is Online Divorce In The UK And Why Should You Use It?

Family divorce law is incredibly complex and confusing, and the industry has done little in the past to rectify this. Typically, you are expected to visit a solicitor and pay upwards of £175 an hour for legal advice during one of the most stressful periods of your life. Even if the divorce is uncontested, it […]

Can you really trust online divorce?

Can you trust online divorce? Don't tar us with the same brush.

Please don’t tar us with the same dirty brush. You might have seen the Quickie Divorce expose in yesterday’s Daily Express. If you didn’t, a lady contacted Quickie Divorce about their £67 offer and was upsold a £347 package that doesn’t appear on their website. The next morning she changed her mind, but Quickie Divorce […]